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As a vehicle owner, you cannot always depend on mechanics and it is not something we recommend if you are doing so. Vehicles are machines, and you never know when a malfunction will arise. If you don’t have at least basic knowledge about your vehicle, you will always have to run to a mechanic, even if the problem is a tiny one that you can solve on your own without much of a fuss.

This is the primary reason why we wanted to bring our expertise online. Muxgear is a Sri Lanka-based vehicle repair business that has been bossing the industry for the last 15 years, but, Muxgear.com, our blog is relatively new, as we only started it a few months ago. However, you can use our articles to troubleshoot your vehicle-related issues as our well-experienced mechanic team is going through each and every article composed by our writer and editor teams.

We enjoy pretty much distributing our knowledge to vehicle owners and sincerely hope you will get the solution to your vehicle problem and come back to Muxgear.com to read and learn more about your vehicle. If you want to contact us, click here.