why is the jeep patriot so cheap

Why is the Jeep Patriot so Cheap? You Can Also Afford it!

Can an SUV be this cheap? What are the chances of you owning one? Has it been discontinued? These are a few questions that can be in a person’s head who aspires to purchase the Jeep Patriot model. However, many feel that it is impossible to own one unless you earn a six-figure salary or is born rich. If you also feel that way, you have failed to do your homework. There are many unknown facts about this model. Dig in to discover those fantastic facts, including why the Jeep Patriot is so cheap and if you can make it your dream vehicle.

Why is the Jeep Patriot so Cheap?

Usually, if a luxury vehicle like this is sold for a low price, something doesn’t feel right about it. However, fans of the Jeep Patriot need not worry about it because these reasons have nothing to do with the quality and durability of the vehicle, and this model is still expensive compared to other used vehicles.

Deviated from Other Models

The jeep model is known for dynamic engines, social status, luxury interiors, and smooth suspensions. However, these were lacking in the Jeep Patriot when it was initially introduced to the market in 2006. Buyers of this model were not satisfied when comparing it with the other models of the Jeep, which were always parring excellence.

Manual Shutters

The windows had to be handled manually, which was a disappointing factor for an SUV, especially given the year it was released, since almost all other vehicles came with power shutters.

Less Popularity of the Model

The patriot became a common vehicle as many people opted for other options when they weren’t satisfied with the model. Even after many years of manufacture, this vehicle can be seen in many car sales centers for sale. The vehicle lost its popularity over the years due to many defects reported by its users yearly.

Different Target Audience

When the company decided to manufacture this model, its sole intention had been to acquire a considerable market share. Therefore, they designed this model and sold it for an affordable cost while targeting a different audience.

Discontinuation of the Model

This was one of the primary reasons for the model’s low price. The target audience of Jeep was usually the wealthy class, and this model targeted those who could spend something more than the average buyer. After all, you still pay a lot more than a semi-luxury vehicle. However, due to less-powered engines and basic quality interiors, the vehicle lost its reputation as a brand.

Customer Complaints

The company kept releasing models of the Jeep Patriot from 2007 until 2017. Every year different issues were raised by the customers. Unfortunately, none of the issues were addressed, as the same problems were reported yearly.

Years to Avoid the Jeep Patriot

The first model of the Jeep Patriot was released in 2007. As this was the first year of use, the vehicle had many issues. There were issues with the roof that caused water to seep into the vehicle, damaging the seats. The paint was of poor quality and had a high chance of stripping.

In the year 2008, the issues mentioned above continued to be there in these vehicles.

The company hadn’t addressed the above issues in the year 2009 either. Additionally, the leakage aggravated the damage caused to the vehicle, including the engine.

From 2010 until 2016, numerous issues were reported from the vehicles. However, 2017 gave the vehicle’s fans the green light as the complaints were much fewer than in previous years.

Is the Jeep Patriot a Real Jeep?

It was more of a car-based SUV. It has 5 doors and is a compact crossover SUV. Since the company targeted a different audience and was only interested in securing a high share of the vehicle market, many thought the Jeep Patriot was not a real jeep. More importantly, the manufacturers were trying to cut costs to a great extent.

The Jeep Patriot was a highly fuel-efficient vehicle compared to other models, which also had high maintenance costs. Other factors like poor quality interiors, less powerful engines, poor quality paint, leaking sunroof, and many other issues were the reasons for its discontinuity. Though its much cheaper for a SUV, it looks like a real jeep.

What is the Biggest Problem with the Jeep Patriot?

The transmission. Consistent queries have been on the vehicle’s CVT (5-speed manual). Many complained that it has been designed defectively. This has resulted in many other issues like regular stops when accelerating, excessively heating up, and cranky sounds.

Unfortunately, these issues kept arising in all the models every year and ultimately led to the discontinuity of the vehicle. Another major problem with the patriot was the leaky roofs which formed rust and damaged the vehicle’s interior.

Customers were concerned about receiving what they expected for the price. Complaints were raised yearly, and the company seemed to have not paid any attention as the same issues were repeated yearly.

Is the Jeep Patriot Fuel Efficient?

Yes, it is one of the most fuel-efficient models. However, the average fuel consumption differs from one model to another. For instance, a petrol model would run with 7.9 to 8.8 liters per 100 km, while the diesel version would run with 6.6 liters.

Should you Buy a Jeep Patriot?

It depends on the individual’s choice. If you are a diehard fan of jeeps but cannot afford a brand-new one, the patriot could be a solution. Though they have been discontinued from being manufactured, you can buy the last model released in 2017. Due to the problems mentioned above, they are low in demand. However, like every vehicle, the Jeep Patriot has pros and cons.

The 2017 model is ideal as it had few user complaints. After all, the Jeep Patriot is an SUV and offers an off-road experience. The Jeep Patriot could be a wise choice if you prefer an affordable and exclusive, classic-looking, off-road runner.

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