why is my car radio display not working

Why is My Car Radio Display Not Working? [Causes & Fixes]

Hybrid and electric infotainment systems have a screen that could glitch, which is among the most irritating things about these. Have you ever wondered why is my car radio display not working while driving or parked? Envisage attempting to alter some settings on the vehicle screen while you’re on a lengthy interstate journey, and unfortunately, you soon discover that the screen isn’t reacting. That is a difficult situation to be in. And nobody would choose to find themselves in such a dire circumstance. Therefore, understanding the cause of the problem and what to do to resolve it are essential. So let us find out why it isn’t working.

What is a Car Infotainment System?

The bulky, physical, and manual automobile loudspeakers of the mid-1960s, which only featured an AM/FM stereo featuring frequencies and intensity dials, have advanced significantly since then.

With today’s amazing entertainment systems featuring lcd screens, voice commands, wireless connectivity, navigating, identifying points of interest, broadcasting from the internet, and much more, several head units practically feel like you’re able to shoot a spaceship into deep space.

There is a limitation to this groundbreaking technology, though. Everything here is electronic control and circuit-based, resulting in increased potential for mistakes and failures.

What is the Cause of the Car Media Display Breaking?

There are several causes why the infotainment screen in your car can cease functioning. We’ll talk about a couple of those causes. Finding a remedy is simpler once you identify the issue. Below are a few causes why you might not be able to see something on your vehicle radio’s screen.

You have to figure out the root of the problem before attempting to fix the car audio screen. This implies that you must determine what is genuinely causing the issue.

Your FM radio display behaving weirdly may even be caused by a number of factors. You must thus be aware of the many causes. Let’s review them now.

Screen or Brightness Malfunction

Your automobile stereo screen’s legibility is determined by the backlit or Lcd. It guarantees that the content displayed on the screen can be viewed. Imagine it as the screen’s flashlight in the night. It’s comparable to your phone’s illumination, which makes it simple to understand what you’re doing and effortlessly move around your device.

Nevertheless, the display becomes blank when the illumination malfunctions. Certainly, it might continue to work. The text on it will not be visible to users. In this instance, you simply need to replace the backlighting or screen rather than replacing the complete radio panel.

Choose to get a replacement backlit from your device’s supplier if you’ve had to replace it so frequently.

Compatibility concerns are likely why you’ve had to replace the lighting frequently. Therefore, obtaining a working illumination from your supplier would permanently fix the lighting.

Unreliable Attachment Cords

The design of the particular cables is another issue with automobile LCD screens. Your car’s display may flicker a little bit from time to time, or it may go entirely black.

Cable management issues could be the cause of the black vehicle display issue. Your screen was not actually showing stuff. Therefore, it might benefit if you got your fingers filthy to inspect this issue, but it’d be useful.

The automobile stereo screen would either be wired to the base structure or attached to it. The potential for faulty wiring exists whenever cables are utilised. Even twisted cables might result from strain.

A cable may not supply the screen with enough energy if improperly installed. This could ultimately cause the screen to behave strangely. If your multimedia panel exhibits common characteristics, you should have the cables examined. 

Malfunctioning Head Unit

Although it doesn’t happen often, the primary audio module could be why your multimedia screen is not working. You probably already understand how rarely you manage to remove the car stereo from the cockpit to repair it or how frequently you use the same audio device without recalling to replace it.

Occasionally, your audio module may begin to respond due to wear and tear or debris that has caked on the radio equipment. Those causes may eventually harm your radio device. Therefore, if you experience problems with your stereo screen and your stereo component is outdated, you should think about upgrading it. If not, remove it from the vehicle and clean it.

The automobile does occasionally become dirty. Therefore, it is practically impossible for your audio device to avoid picking up some particles. These are a few hypotheses as to why your infotainment device could be broken, though.

Difficulty with Fuses

The screen in your automobile can have problems as a result of a bad fuse. If you’re unfortunate, a blown a fuse will prevent your car audio from turning on when the engine is on. A somewhat ancient but still efficient method of preventing short circuits is fused.

Additionally, your automobile may have had a fuse installed that’s been intended to prevent an unexpected short circuit from damaging your stereo. Your automobile stereo screen may not function due to a faulty or broken fuse.

The screen and the electrical wire are direct across from this specific fuse. If you replace the standard radio with a more modern one, there may be a problem where the replacement radio won’t switch on because of a blown a fuse.

So it seems to sense that if the fuse breaks, the electricity will shut out. You could be experiencing issues as a result of the fuse blowing while you weren’t there.

Incorrect Brightness

The dimming levels should be checked first. Although you may be searching in circles for the cause of the issue, it could only be this small. The majority of automobile display devices provide options for adjusting luminance.

The wrong lighting levels could also prevent your screen from showing anything whatsoever. You could even have the light adjusted to the low side and still not be able to comprehend what is shown.

This may also occur if your children play a nasty trick on you by dimming the screen brightness while you’re away from them in the vehicle. So if you’re experiencing difficulties with the screen, look at the brightness levels.


Fortunately, now that you know how to handle a broken vehicle entertainment screen, you won’t freak out the next time it occurs. Alternatively, you’ll approach it boldly. You’ll begin by making a diagnosis. After you identify the underlying problem, combating it should get easier. 

Therefore, the choice of which underlying cause in this essay best matches your circumstance is left to you. It is preferable to let an expert manage to analyse if you are unable to do so. You wouldn’t be able to damage the vehicle or stereo that way.

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