Where is the Largest Blind Spot on your Vehicle? [Answered]

While you are driving on the road, you are unable to see each and every side of the vehicle, although side mirrors are available. So where is the largest blind spot on your vehicle? If you are wondering where it is, this article will help you to find the answer. According to the type of your vehicle, the risk of the blind spot may vary. Anyways, it is highly important to be aware of blind spots because they directly affect the safety of your and other passengers.

What is a Bind Spot?

As the name suggests, the blind spot of a vehicle refers to the places that are out of the rider’s direct sight. Indeed, the size of the vehicle determines how much obstructs the visibility. Obviously, there are some spots that you cannot see in some types of vehicles, such as automobiles, trucks, etc. these blind spots become a barrier between the rider’s view and the road while driving.

In contrast, cycles and motorbikes do not have blind spots due to their configurations. The Blind spots are crucial to determine the safety of the rider as well as anyone surrounding them. The reason why, the sight is limited when you are in the driving seat.

Where is the Largest Blind Spot on your Vehicle?

Blind spots obstruct the sight of other riders even through the mirrors, so it is vital to have some knowledge before you run on the road. Most vehicles’ largest blind spot is placed on the sides of the automobiles. The rear passenger side is the exact side if we consider the largest spot from all the blind spots of your automobile. The front side is clear to you to some extent, but the other two sides and the rear are only shown by the mirrors, sensors or cameras of vehicles.

However, with the development of technology, manufacturers have equipped some gadgets that exceed the sight of the rider, but there are still some old models that have the risk of blind spots. However, you still need to be careful when you change lanes or back up; otherwise, the result will be a sudden collision. And there are numerous models of cars.

So, the larger ones have blind spots than regular ones. Thus, if you use a larger vehicle such as an SUV, truck or jeep, you must know those significant blind spots of your vehicle.

What are the Four Blind Spots of a Car?

You must be aware of blind spots in whatever car you have. So, the most common blind spots of a car have been listed below for your knowledge.

  1. Wing Mirrors Blind Spot – in general; wing mirrors help the riders to capture other vehicles on the road. Thus, it is the main component to minimize any sudden crashes. However, these can act as an obstruction too, and it is called a ‘wing mirror blind spot.’ The reason behind it is they ironically cause to create blind spots that you cannot easily notice. Therefore, it is a misunderstanding that all the blind spots are covered by this mirror. Thus, it is a dangerous situation during a ride. And you should know the correct way to adjust the mirrors.

Therefore, you should be careful to slow the car if you take a U-turn or switch lanes. It would be better to turn your head to check the side areas.

Due to this case, some modern vehicles come with a blind spot detection system.

  1. Rear Sideblind Spot – undoubtedly, the rear is the blind spot that is completely out of your sight. The rear mirror shows you only a limited area when you are driving. Therefore, most amateur drivers get into trouble because of the rear side blind spot, especially when they want to reverse the vehicle.
  2. A-pillar Blind Spot – this is another component that sometimes causes blind spots. It is placed on the border of the vehicle’s windshield. A-pillar does not significantly cause a blind spot but you should remember this might involve accidents too. Luckily, you can increase your sight by a sight head swing here.
  3. Front Blind Spot – you will notice this blind stop on the large side of your automobile. If your car has a high ground clearance, it will be difficult to see the objects in the front. Most people do not think the front blind spot is serious, but it is dangerous to move by the head of larger vehicles due to this case.

When Do you Check Blind Spots?

There are some necessary situations in which you have to check the blind spots. Those have been listed below.

  • Before you change lanes and take a U-turn
  • Before you park the vehicle or when you leave the park
  • Before you make turns at the roundabouts and crossroads
  • When you pass the vehicles
  • Before you enter the main road

How to Avoid a Blind Spot?

Almost every modern vehicle comes with different sensors and cameras to detect blind spots. However, you cannot leave the entire responsibility to the tech devices. So, adhere to the following instructions to avoid any crashes while you are on the road.

  1. To avoid wing mirror blind spots, always check the positions of the mirrors before you start driving. Adjust them properly, as you will be able to see the back of the automobile. The most common practice is adjusting it to check the sides of the car. But you can adjust it to observe the back.
  2. Prior to changing the lines, put the signal lights and leave adequate space because some larger vehicles might be there. You must not miss these things because it indicates to other vehicles what you are going to do. Do not move until the road becomes spacious enough for your vehicle.
  3. Finally, in simple words, look over the shoulder! This would be the best to avoid a blind spot if you can do so. It is straightforward, but it surely confirms whether the road is clear or not. This technique is highly recommended to follow when changing the lines.

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