Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode: A Thrilling Experience

Jeep Grand Cherokee is an all-time popular SUV which comes with cool features for off-road riding. Sport mode is such a feature in the modern Jeep Grand Cherokee which enables you to extend the power of your SUV. It helps to change shifting patterns, suspension settings and many more. Therefore, it is highly beneficial when you are driving at high speeds.

Yes, it cannot describe within a word or two; what is exactly the sport mode of the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Today, we have broken down all the information regarding the sport mode of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. You will know how to use it, when to use it, and so on.

What is Sport Mode on Jeep Grand Cherokee? 

Sport mode is added to Jeep Grand Cherokee to allow speedy acceleration. Moreover, when you activate the sport mode, the throttle will respond better. Since it acts as a traction management system, there is no limitation for traction while the sport mode is on; thus, you have a higher operational strength on the SUV.

And rear wheels are more powerful when the sport mode is activated. But you do not need to worry about the balance of the vehicle because the air suspension will not differ dramatically.

You can flexibly handle the steering capacity as well as sharp turns. Therefore, sport mode is highly beneficial when you ride on a dank or impassable road. At the same time, you can drive the SUV the fastest with the highest level of acceleration. In brief, sport mode is a unique feature that should have been designed in SUVs.

There are two other modes on Jeep Grand Cherokee, ‘normal mode’ and ‘snow mode,’ apart from sport mode. When compared with the normal mode (default mode), sport mode considerably modifies the settings of the suspension system, traction and ride height. What’s more, the throttle response is incredibly good.

Jeep Grand Cherokee is specially designed for off-road riding with the unique features of an SUV. So, sport mode enhances the overall value of your SUV. It is a perfect choice for adventure rides because any harsh road conditions will not be a challenge for you. However, it would not be a wise idea to drive fast on a road which has numerous twists and turns, so avoid sport mode in those situations.

You can activate the sport mode within a few seconds using the knob or particular button for it during an interval of the vehicle.

How to Activate Sport Mode on Jeep Grand Cherokee? 

You have to do a simple finger movement to activate the sport mode. There are two easy ways in order to do it. You can use the knob to turn on the mode. Or else there should be a button for the sport mode. You can push it to activate the mode quickly. Similarly, the button can be pushed if you want to deactivate it. The place where the knob and button are located may differ from one model to the other. Therefore, you have to refer to the user manual.

Most of the time, the button can be found near the gearbox or underneath the touch screen. In older models, the button is on the dashboard.

Remember, it is not recommended to be in sport mode while driving as some changes happen in the components of your vehicle.

Is Sport Mode Suitable for All Driving Conditions? 

No! There are some situations which do not support the sport mode. Especially if the road surface is slippery, the tires cannot be compatible with the less traction on the surface. So, it is not recommended to drive on sport mode when there are snow or ice on the road surfaces.

If you are in the mode, you will experience that the vehicle hardly moves forward. That is why, the Jeep Grand Cherokee come with another suitable mode for these weather conditions, the ‘snow mode.’ If there is heavy rain, you can drive the vehicle in normal mode.

Apart from those situations, you can activate the sport mode to drive easier and faster. It is possible to drive on clear roads, such as highways as well as off-road, without an issue. The thing you should concern about is the weather.

Does Sport Mode Use More Gas? 

You may wonder whether sport mode is fuel-consuming since it increases the overall power of the vehicle. Yes, it is! Since most of the components and features climb to the next level for better performance, the engine needs more gas than regular rides. But the excessive amount of fuel consumption is not too higher according to the drivers’ experiences.

However, make sure to turn on the sport mode when it is necessary. For normal rides, the default settings will be enough. Anyways, the sport mode does not harm the longevity of your engine and other components.

When Should I Use Sport Mode on Jeep Cherokee? 

You can enable the sport mode in different situations. Mainly, you activate the sport mode on your vehicle when you drive on open highways because there is no barrier to speed up the vehicle. And also, when you are off-road, sport mode is the perfect option to boost the power instantly; undoubtedly, it can provide better acceleration. And whenever there is a bumpy terrain, sport mode can help you to drive easily.

But you should not activate this mode when you drive on narrower or more busy roads because it will not be safe.

Is it ok to Leave Car in Sport Mode? 

In general, it is not ok to keep the vehicle in sport mode always. The reason why, the vehicle is empowered with faster acceleration and many other advanced features. It is always recommended to drive the Jeep Grand Cherokee by an experienced driver while the sport mode is on.

Thus, whenever there is no need for sport mode, shift the mode to the default setting, normal mode. Another thing is sport mode can consume more fuel than normal mode.

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