What Happens If You Get Caught Driving with a Permit? 

What Happens If You Get Caught Driving with a Permit? – Explained 

A learner’s permit is not a license. While it is understandable that you might want to try solo driving desperately when you only possess a permit, have you thought about what happens if you get caught driving with a permit?

The consequences might shut you down until you legally obtain the license. Yes, it can be as severe as that. In this article, we shall disclose why you should not drive with a permit, what will happen if you do and more. Follow the context to understand the concept.

While it sounds fun and good, driving around the city with only a permit might not sound good and fun to the legal system and the cops standing by the roads. It is unlawful to attempt solo driving before acquiring a license. A legally licensed and experienced adult must be in the vehicle if someone with a permit is driving.

Crossing the law will put you at the mercy of the law system as the outcomes if you ever get caught can be severe. It can range from a simple fine to being put in prison. However, the results and how the issue is handled can vary from place to place. Hence, let us discuss it from a general point of view as it will perfectly cater to the overall idea of the subject.

Why Should You Not Drive with a Permit? 

According to the legal system, a learner’s permit does not qualify you as a licensed driver. And as it doesn’t, it is unsafe for the driver, vehicle, passengers, and the public. Due to a lack of training and knowledge, it is easy to cause accidents and damage people and property. Hence the cops and the law strictly advise not to drive with only a permit at your disposal.

It would be best if you were clear that you can drive with a permit because how else are you going to train if you don’t? But you cannot drive with a permit alone without a professional’s assistance. Only by allowing a professional to ride the shotgun with you can you become a better driver. Patience and hard work are the keys if you want to acquire the freedom of riding alone soon.

What Happens If You Get Caught Driving with a Permit? 

The consequences may vary depending on the country and the state you live in. Let us discuss the expected outcomes you will face if you ever get caught driving with only a permit.

  • Fines

This penalty is so common and generally happens in all places. The fine amount can vary from place to place. But if you get pulled up by the cops on the road while driving with a permit, it is high time you are going to get fined.

  • Prisoning

That’s right; they may even put you in prison. It can even take up to four months. Getting out of jail before the prison period may take a lot of in-between procedures that require money, effort, and time. You will have no choice but to consent to whatever the cops want if you are put in prison.

  • Vehicle Impoundment

The police will seize your vehicle immediately if you get caught. In addition, you will also be asked to pay the towing and storage fee for your vehicle. If you refuse or fail to do so, the cops will send you to prison without hesitation. To retrieve your vehicle, you have to pay high amounts of fines.

  • Community Service

You can be assigned to perform community services out of your will. Whether you like it or not, it doesn’t matter. If you get caught, you will have to abide by the court’s instructions and complete the provided services if you want to get out of trouble without much chaos. It can last up to six months at the most. 

  • Citation

You might also end up with a vehicle citation. This charge on your driving record can potentially affect you in the future. For example, it could prevent you from getting a job requiring A1 driving skills. Moreover, high rates than before will apply to your vehicle insurance. However, it depends on the insurance company as to how much that rate will increase. But a citation on your record brings no good. 

  • Restriction

If you get caught, your access and utility to certain things related to your driving can be restricted. You may get limited to having only a certain number of people in your vehicle. Or you can get restrictions on the times you drive, such as not being allowed to go during the night hours. Curfews will be imposed on you, and in case of violation, it will lead you to even worse outcomes. 

  • Suspension

In some cases, you will get suspended from your permit for some time. Again the period of suspension can differ according to your country/ state. If caught driving during the suspension period, it can lead to severe legal mishaps.

  • Prolonged Waiting

If you violate the laws by driving with only a permit and get caught by the cops, it can also affect you from receiving a license. You will have to wait a long period before you can qualify again. The period that is put off on you depends on the country/ state you are living in. Regardless, it is an everyday possibility to postpone the revival of your license since you are caught violating the law codes.

  • Cancellation

Suppose you are caught under the influence or intoxicated with only a permit. In that case, the cops will cancel your access immediately, and it depends on the officer to decide if they should fine you or put you in prison.

In addition to the outcomes mentioned above, many other penalties may also put you at a disadvantage if you attempt to violate the legal codes. Therefore, abiding by the law is crucial since laws are made for the nation’s and its people’s betterment.

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