How to Reset Power Steering Assist Fault

How to Reset Power Steering Assist Fault? What Causes It?

By reading this article, you will understand how to reset power steering assist fault. A hydraulic power steering pump is there in all vehicles that use a power steering. This pump is connected to the engine by a belt and a pulley.

The pump will lubricate your steering wheel by pressuring the fluid. Then you will be able to move the steering, this will be present in the hydraulic power steering system. There is also the electric power steering system where the vehicles use an electric motor instead that will help the driver turn the steering. 

G.W Fitts was the person who installed the first power steering system into a motor vehicle, and he introduced it in 1876. The automobile industries use a power steering system in cars, making driving effort-free by pushing the vehicle to move quickly.

The power steering system is also called a steering assistant system (SAS). Without SAS, driving a car will be a massive challenge and require enormous effort.

You will have seen the steering of the vehicle that the driver will be turning to move the car in the required direction. In some old vehicles where there is no power steering assist, the driver will put some effort into turning the car.

In most modern vehicles, you will not witness the struggle to turn the steering as it will be simple and easy, making the driving smooth because of the power steering assist.

Although a power steering assist is available, it is only installed in a few cars and some heavy-duty trucks. There are possibilities for the power steering assist fault in vehicles. Hence, it is essential to reset the fault.

The Reasons for Steering Damage

There are several reasons and ways that your steering can get damaged. Knowing the standard type of steering problems that can occur is best as it will save you time and money.

Once you detect the problem, you can take the required procedures to solve it quickly. Improper knowledge of the damages will lead to a wrong diagnosis. Therefore, let’s look at some of the steering damages that can occur.

  • You might experience vibration and feel like the steering is shaking. This vibration is one of the most common problems people address. First, it is essential to check whether the problem is from the steering system. Sometime it might not be related to that. If the problem is with the steering, it might be because of improper assembly of the component, rims getting damaged, or wear and tear. When dirt and other particle get into the rims, the steering will start to shake. Hence it is necessary to identify the issue and solve it by cleaning, assembling correctly, or in other suitable ways.
  • Sometimes your electric steering will stiff on one side, which is not a big issue as this occurs due to a calibration issue in the steering system. You can fix this by properly calibrating using a scan tool.
  • If you are using a hydraulic power steering, sometime you will experience a low power assist, which will make the steering stiff. To fix this issue, you must first find out the cause. You can check the fluid and find whether there is any leak. If you find any leak, fix it to solve the problem. Sometimes the problem will be in the physically binding component or the steering assist system. Therefore, identify the situation carefully and diagnose the issues accordingly.

What Is Power Steering Assist Failure?

There are some reasons mainly associated with power steering assist failure. For the unpleasant noise that starts generating from the steering to fix this issue, you will have to check the pully in the steering system.

The electricity supply problems will also cause the steering assist faults. To fix this, you must check the wire and fuse box and use the OBD 2 scanner to detect the issue.

As already mentioned, fluid leaks are also a cause of power steering failure, and you must also make sure that the engine has the required amount of fluid since engines lacking juice will not operate the steering properly.

Apart from the damages mentioned above, there are also issues such as fuel leaking in the parking space or driveway, off-center steering wheels, after turning the hydraulic steering, it is not getting back to the center position, drifting of steering, and squeals.

You must know about the problem to step into a solving method. Knowing how to reset the power steering assist fault will also help fix issues related to the steering system. If the problem is worse and you cannot handle it on your own, it is best to get the help of a mechanic or a professional, as that will reduce the risk.

How To Reset Power Steering Assist Fault?

Sometimes you will get a steering fault message on the dash of your vehicle, and these are alert messages that you must not ignore. Instead, try to fix the issue. Most of the time, this alert message will be annoying. If you find it too difficult to get rid of these messages, read the article to do it yourself.

  • You can restart the vehicle to reset the power steering assist faults. For about two to three-time, completely switch off your car and on it again. Repeating this process can reset the electrical component, and the alert message will not pop again.

Although resetting the steering assist fault is simple, and you can quickly get rid of the alert messages, this will not be the best option. Instead, the warning is sent to you if there is any fault in the steering system.

Hence you must take due concern for the problem and try to fix it properly. Resetting is a method of escaping from the problem rather than trying to solve the problem. Therefore, to increase the durability of the vehicle, you must try to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

This article on how to reset power steering assist fault will have provided some information you must know to reset the car and fix the issues related to the vehicle’s steering system.

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