how to hide dash cam wires

How to Hide Dash Cam Wires? (Step By Step Guide)

Staged accidents are a fraud that amplifies the necessity of a dashboard camera. If you recently have decided to invest in this lifesaver cam, you will surely find that the wires add some untidiness to the car. How to hide dash cam wires? We are going to help you to solve this problem via this article. 

Dashcams are like guardian angels when it comes to road accidents that yourself has no fault for and for the mistaken parking tickets. This is a Digital Video Recorder that maintains a complete video of your ride without any intervals. The small size has made them an easy fixer in any vehicle. You can fix a driving recorder in the front as well as in the rear of your vehicle. The history of dashcams goes back to the 1930s, and the first recorded use could be seen with police officers to record the people and vehicles who violate road rules. 

How to Hide Dash Cam Wires?

A dash cam is made up of 4 main components. The main parts are the camera, memory chip, cables for the power supply, and adhesive cup mount. The common place to fix the cam is the topmost place of the windscreen. You must place the SD card inside the relevant port, and an adhesive cup will hold the things tightly. You will need to connect the power cable to the power supply agent.

How to hide dash cam wires? While the camera works as a lifesaver, sometimes the cables may interrupt the view and will add a messy look to your front. Therefore, hiding the wires become an essential step in mounting a dashboard camera. We have explained the steps simply below. Let’s have a look at those now.

How to Install the Dash Cam Correctly?

First, you have to insert the memory in the slot. You will find the place on the side of the camera in most cases. Then you must fix the suction cup in a place that does not disturb the front view. Some vehicles are manufactured with a custom-designed place to mount the cameras in the middle of the windscreen. You can use it if your car presents such. 

Now the power supplying step. You can connect it to a power outlet like the cigarette lighter (12v accessory socket). You can directly connect the camera cable to the electric system of the vehicle too. Dash fuse could be seen under the dashboard. 

The other end of the USB cable should be connected to the camera. Check whether the recording lights are on once you plug in either side of the cable. The color may vary according to the model and the brand. For further info, you can check your manual of the camera. 

Hiding the Cables in the A-pillars

You can use your headliner for the purpose. First, make the cable hold by the headliners and gradually continue the process until the pilers present in the front. It is recommended to use the components on the passenger side for this task, as the sudden falls due to poor installation may not interrupt the view of the driver. 

Hiding the Cables in the Weather Stripping 

Weatherstripping is the rubber-made frame in the front of your vehicle covering the windshield, the doors, and windows, for instance. Pull this casing, and using a trim removal tool, you could easily remove the casing slightly. There is no need to remove it fully. Then place the cables inside and fix it again after you take the cable along the weather stripping to the bottom of your dashboard. 

Purchasing a trim removal kit for this purpose is not a waste. You can find a good kit for around $12 – $20 in any hardware store or at the supermarket. 

Hiding the Cables Alongside the Window

If you feel uncomfortable detaching the weather stripping, take the wire cord to the edge of the windshield and hold it using electric tape. Take it until you meet the bottom of the dashboard. 

How to Hide Dashcam Cables Under the Dashboard?

Now you can easily attach the cable to the bottom of the dashboard using electrical tape. If there are hooks in your original manufacturing, you can use those or place new adhesive clips to hold the cable. 


Now you can fix the cable to the power supply. If there is excess wire, you can bundle it using electric tape and attach it under the dashboard. 

Can I Run Dashcam Off Power Bank?

A power bank will operate your dashcam without any vibrations, lags, or interruptions due to the stopping of the power supply. It will also allow a flawless recording in every weather condition. This is because a good power bank is designed to withstand heating and temperature falls.

Therefore, power banks can be named as an ideal power supply option for your dashboard recorder. There are power bank options in the market that allows a keen to operate over 24 hours without charging. It would be better if you invest in such an option with good reviews and recommendations. 

Do Dash Cameras Use a Lot of Electricity?

A high-quality dash cam requires a current of 0.25-0.45 Ampere to function at its best. This amount is half of the power requirement of a light bulb.  

Does Hardwiring Dash Cam Void Insurance?

Whether you hardwire it or not, the installation should not exceed the limits of the insurance policy. The term “hardwired” resembles a feeling of modification. Therefore, contact your insurance company or the agent to check the fact before the installation if you are going to hardwire the dashboard camera. 

Hardwiring enables the cameras to work even the car is topped without using an external power source. This is also a method that prevents draining your battery. 


Dashcams are essential for road safety. If you are going to install a dash cam, this article will provide you with some efficient tips on installation and hiding the wires. We also have included some ground information you need to know about a video recorder installation here. 

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