how to check mileage on tesla model 3

How to Check Mileage on Tesla Model 3? (Including Latest Update)

When you just bought your first Tesla, you’ll probably want to keep an eye on the mileage to determine how it compares to your charging schedule and operating expenses. Mileage is a significant consideration when purchasing or selling a vehicle. Therefore, this post is written to guide you on how to check mileage on Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 is a simple, electric executive car that can be recharged. It’s essential to maintain a record of mileage in order to schedule any necessary servicing. Inspecting your odometer to determine the number of kilometers you have traveled would make more sense.

How is the Mileage of a Vehicle Determined?

Mileage is the number of kilometers a driver could travel on a single liter of diesel or gasoline. Mileage is also known as “car average,” “bike average,” etc. The fuel price is one of the major expenses related to a vehicle. A vehicle’s ability to cover a lot of distance on a small amount of fuel is a significant benefit if it has a higher mileage. A high car average means that owners of these vehicles save money overall by using less gasoline or diesel.

The auto industry bases its calculations on a full tank to simplify the process and use a more statistically accurate approach to determining mileage. This indicates that rather than just one liter of fuel, a vehicle’s fuel mileage is measured by the number of miles, it can travel on a single tank. However, this practice is inverted in some European nations, where the mileage calculation is based on the amount of fuel required to cover a specific distance. This indicates that the fuel efficiency of a vehicle is determined by counting the amount of fuel required to cover 100 kilometers.

Does the Tesla Model 3 have a Trip Odometer?

Every Tesla vehicle has an odometer that tracks the total distance it has covered throughout its life. A “trip” and a “vehicle” odometer are both featured on Tesla vehicles. The vehicle odometer records the total distance traveled since the car was produced. It also contains a trip odometer that shows the distance traveled, the time spent traveling, and the overall and average power consumed during the last charge.

It can be tricky to identify the odometer on a Tesla Model 3 compared to other cars. The Tesla App is the quickest method for finding out how many miles are left on the odometer of a Tesla car. This contains the most recent version of the application and various vehicle details like actual mileage and number for Vehicle Identification etc.

Is Tesla Odometer Accurate?

The features of a Tesla are created to the highest degree of excellence; each one is crucial to determining how well the car performs, and the odometer is no less important than other well-known functionalities. A Tesla odometer has a lot of advantages.

Tesla odometers have a +/- 1% tolerance for accuracy. The comprehension on the Tesla screen might not match the actual mileage exactly. This distinction is usually insignificant and not thought to be significant. Infrequent reports of the odometer becoming stuck due to software issues, but Tesla speedometers are accurate. Some motorists assert that incorrect tire size entry may have a negligible impact on the precision of the meter reading.

How to Check Mileage on Tesla Model 3?

If you drive a Tesla Model 3, you want to learn how to calculate your vehicle’s mileage. Reading a tachometer in a digitalized vehicle could be difficult, but it is still important. There are some techniques to accomplish this. The Tesla Model 3’s mileage is important, especially for those who intend to claim the kilometers as a cost of doing business. You can quickly check the odometer to determine the number of miles you have driven.

The odometer is located within the central touch display on the left side of the control box. Use the steps below to determine a Tesla Model 3’s mileage:

  • Step 1: Open the Tesla display.
  • Step 2: On your Tesla’s screen, select the car icon, typically in the bottom left corner.
  •  Step 3: When you click trips, the screen will highlight the most recent visit, the trip’s mileage, and the odometer.
  •  Step 4: The odometer reading is displayed once you scroll down.

Let’s see how to Test Your Last Charged Tesla Mileage. You can access this in the trip information section by selecting Controls and Trips on the console touchscreen. You can also access the statistics and details of your most recent visit by tapping the three points left on the home page.

The maximum driving distance on a Tesla Model 3 is more than 5 hours. As the range expands, you have to charge up more frequently.

Driving a Tesla can be as thrilling an experience as it is entertaining, with that much mileage information at your fingertips. The tachometer and other mileage details can only be accessed on the center console touchscreen.

How to Access Tesla Odometer?

You will see three dots on the home screen on the left side frame. An odometer monitor that displays the number of kilometers you have covered since the last charge is accessible by dragging towards the left. You could move down and upward from this page to obtain your most recent mileage reading.

The Tesla app also contains the odometer. Your phone’s Tesla application will show the odometer reading if you scroll down to the bottom of the screen with other common details regarding the car, such as the software version. Some users gripe that they can’t find the odometer or scroll from the three dots on the home screen accurately. If you can still not view the odometer or the display isn’t inhabiting properly, A restart is typically the most straightforward way to resolve.


This article will guide you about steps to test mileage on Tesla Model 3. Finally, you will know where your odometer is located in the Tesla Model 3 and now understand how to find the odometer screen as evidence. Travel safely! You will be the first Tesla driver to achieve that million-mile mark.

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