Does Diesel Fuel Kill Weeds? Complete Guide

If you have a garden of your own, you might understand how much of a tedious job it is to get rid of the unwanted weeds growing all over your garden and ruining its beauty. It takes so much time and effort to maintain a garden and find the necessary and suitable types of materials. If you are a person who is passionate about gardening, you might be hunting different ways to get rid of the weeds growing in the garden. When doing your research on getting out of the weeds, you might have come across how Diesel can kill weeds, but like most, if you are not completely sure does diesel fuel kill weeds, this article is for you.

Does Diesel Fuel Kill Weeds?

The reason why most question does Diesel kill weeds is that it is an ingredient used in most pesticides and weed killers. Diesel is a toxic liquid that can kill plants with the Hydrocarbon present in it. Since Diesel was originally used to burn down hydrocarbons and plants contain Hydrogen and Carbon, it is evident that Diesel has the capability of killing plants. Thus, it can be understood that Diesel can be used to kill weeds.

How to Kill Weeds with Diesel?

Before using Diesel to kill the weeds in your garden, there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind. Since Diesel is a flammable liquid and contains toxins, it is crucial to be extremely careful when handling it, and other plants in your garden can get harmed.

Thus, some tips should be followed when killing weeds using Diesel. Below we have explained the right way to kill weeds in the garden using Diesel, but before that, you will have to find a spray bottle and a funnel and follow the necessary precautionary steps.

Step 1 

First, you will have to take a spray bottle and a funnel to pour the Diesel without spilling. It is recommended that you can do this anywhere out of your home to be on the safe side. A concrete surface like your garage is most preferred to complete the project.

Step 2  

Remove the top of the bottle and place your funnel on the opening. Now pour the Diesel into the spray bottle and fasten the top of the diesel and spray bottle to avoid leakages.

Step 3 

Spray a moderate amount of Diesel close to the roots of the weeds; avoid over-spraying as it could percolate to the soil and touch the roots of the other useful plants. Spraying from a distance will touch the other plants and might kill them.

Step 4 

Avoid mixing water with Diesel as it could get contaminated and will not be effective in killing the weeds.

Remember that you must use Diesel in the right season, especially when it is not raining, as the water will wash away the Diesel and drain it.

How long does It Take to Kill Weeds Using Diesel?

While killing the weeds using Diesel, you might see results in a few hours after spraying the Diesel to the roots. When the Diesel is sprayed, it starts to kill the weeds by activating the roots. The leaves of the weeds start wither a few hours, and in 48 hours, you will see the weeds completely dead and lifeless.

Diesel will not only kill weeds but also insects, both organisms, good and bad, living in the soil. It makes the soil infertile to grow plants and kills the germinating seeds. It makes the soil non-viable for growing plants for almost four years.

What are the Precautionary Steps to Take When Using Diesel on Weeds?

If you plan to use Diesel to kill your plants, we have previously stated that it is vital to follow precautionary methods when killing the weeds using Diesel. The WHO (World Health Organization) relates to the toxicity of the fuel before using it. Thus it is better to educate yourself before using. Below we have discussed more safety steps with a brief detail to follow when handling the Diesel.

  1. Wear safety goggles, gloves and a mask before handling Diesel to avoid direct exposure to the Diesel can cause eye irritation or breathing difficulties.
  2. Be cautious when spraying the Diesel as it could touch the other useful plants and kill them.
  3. Avoid using Diesel and weeds growing near water bodies, as the Diesel could get contaminated to streams or ponds and affect the living organisms in the water.
  4. Using Diesel on your weeds will kill not only the bad organisms but also the good ones in the soil, which helps plant growth. Thus it leaves the soil infertile for almost four years.
  5. If anything is burning in your garden, avoid spraying Diesel near them as it is inflammable and can spread fire in the area.

What are the Advantages of Killing Weeds with Diesel?

Though there are many things you need to risk while using Diesel to kill the weeds, as previously stated, there are also numerous benefits to remind. Diesel is a petroleum-based liquid, which is thus a herbicide and is organic.

Diesel is also one of the cheapest and most effective ways to eliminate weeds instead of investing in a pesticide or weed killer to maintain your garden. You will see the results of using the Diesel in a few hours, and it will kill the weeds completely in 48 hours which is also the fastest way you can use to get rid of weeds.


Diesel is a flammable liquid made to burn Hydrocarbon; since the plant is made up of hydrogen and carbon, it has proven then Diesel can kill plants. Diesel is also an ingredient in most pesticides and thus is used to kill unwanted weeds growing in your garden. It is also cheaper than other products in the market used to kill weeds.

We have discussed does diesel fuel kill weeds by exploring different topics like how to kill weeds with Diesel, how long it takes, safety steps when using Diesel and the advantages of using Diesel to kill weeds.

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