Why Does The Car Sounds Like Lawn Mower And How To Fix It

The vehicle usually performs well when they have an excellent maintenance routine. In case the car is making some weird noises and failing to function correctly, then it might be a sign that indicates a problem. In this article, you will learn the possible causes for why your car sounds like lawn mower and the solutions to fix this problem as driving a poorly functioning car will be risky, and you will have to spend more on the repairs.

If this is the first time your car sounds like lawn mower, you might be scared and wondering about the problem. You don’t have to worry, as this is one of the common issues that most drivers will encounter. Hence by learning the possible cause and the methods to solve you will be able to fix the issue.

When you are driving home from work, you hear a weird sound coming from your car, similar to a lawn mower, and when you try to accelerate the vehicle, the sound becomes louder. This issue might worsen your mood after a hectic day at work.

The sound is an alert that conveys the message that there is an issue in the vehicle which you need to notice immediately. The automobile needs regular care and proper maintenance.

You might encounter several issues if you fail to check on your vehicle. Hence it would be best if you inspected whether the parts of the vehicle are in good condition, the level of oil and fuel, etc., so that you can fix any issue at the early stage, which will help to minimize the cost of a repair. Adequate maintenance will also help to improve the vehicle’s performance and lifespan. 

Why Your Car Sounds Like Lawn Mower

Here are a few causes why you hear the sound of a lawn mower when you press the gas pedal in your car.

  • Exhaust Leak

If there is any exhaust leak in your vehicle, you might hear the noise of a lawn mower when driving. The exhaust system helps to improve fuel consumption, control the noise while driving, increase the engine’s performance, and send the exhaust away from the passengers.

When there is a leak in this system, the vehicle will start to generate weird sounds. The exhaust leak will be dangerous for the passenger and the environment. Since harmful gas enters the environment, it is illegal to drive a vehicle with an exhaust leak; hence when you hear a lawn mower sound, it is better to check whether the exhaust system has any leaks.

  • Blown Head Gasket

The head gasket, which is present between the engine block and the cylinder head, prevents the coolant and oil from leaking into the cylinder or the environment.

Due to the heat produced in the engine, the head gasket might get blown, which will cause the lawn mower sound, release gases inside the vehicle, and lead to engine malfunction.

  • Bad Wheel Bearing

The wheel bearing is an essential part of the vehicle, which will help to reduce the friction while the wheels are moving. A faulty wheel bearing may cause a lawn mower sound while driving.

After extensive usage, the wheel bearing might wear out and have damages; hence, it will not perform well in reducing friction, which might cause you to hear loud noises. Improperly assembled wheel bearing can also produce such noises.

  •  Worn Out Tires

If your vehicle has worn tires, this may also produce a noise similar to the lawn mower. Wearing tires will be natural after prolonged usage, so you must ensure that it is in a reasonably good condition for driving.

Driving a vehicle with worn tires will be dangerous, leading to accidents, so don’t take the risk. The new tires will perform well while driving, and you will not hear noises.

  • Engine Misfire

The engine system will not perform well when your car has a clogged spark plug/ fuel injector or faulty oxygen cylinder. Igniting unburnt fuel in the next cylinder by the spark will also produce noise while driving. It is often unsafe to drive the vehicle when there is an engine misfire as the vehicle may stop functioning at any time.

  • Using Old Differential Fluid

Another reason why your car sounds like lawn mower may be due to using old differential fluid. The differential fluid will help to lubricate the component located in the differential; hence the vehicle will perform well without grinding.

If you use an outdated differential fluid, this may not lubricate the components properly and might produce loud noises.

How To Fix The Issue When Your Car Sounds Like Lawn Mower

You must check on the issue and fix it sooner when you hear a loud noise coming from your vehicle while driving. Now you might know that there are several reasons why you hear the sound of a lawn mower from your car. To fix this, you must first detect the cause.

  • Fixing Exhaust Leak

If there is an exhaust leak, you must take the vehicle to the mechanic, and they will weld to fix the leak. It is always better to get the help of a professional when fixing such leaks due to corrosion.

  • Changing The Head Gasket

If a blown head gasket produces loud noise, you will have to change it. Hence, by taking the vehicle to a technician, they will help you change the head gasket and fix a new one suitable for your vehicle. To avoid this problem, you must ensure the engine coolant is at the appropriate level.

  • Fixing Issues With The Wheel Bearing

Thoroughly inspect which wheel has a faulty wheel bearing, and you will need to replace it with a new one to increase the vehicle’s performance. If you fix the wheel bearing improperly, then fixing it correctly will be sufficient to solve the problem.

  • Solving Issues Due To Worn Tires

You must ensure that the tire pressure is at the correct level at least once monthly, as this will help to prevent the tears from wearing quickly. When you drive the vehicle on rough surfaces, then this may reduce the durability of the tires. If the tire in your car is highly worn, you will have to replace it.

  • Fixing Engine Misfire

When fixing an engine misfire, it is better to go to a professional technician who will detect the cause and fix it properly.

  • Changing Differential Fluid

If the differential oil in your car is outdated, then changing it will fix the issue.

We hope this article was helpful.

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