Bypass Ford PATS Without Key

How To Bypass Ford PATS Without Key? [Pros And Cons Of Doing So]

You might have lost your vehicle’s ignition key and do not have a spare key to open the car. In this situation, you might be clueless. But don’t worry, as there are many such scenarios. Now there are alternative methods by which you can operate the car. In this article, we will be looking at how to bypass Ford PATS without key.

It would be best if you had a spare key in case, you lost the key you were using, but in some rare cases, you will not be able to find both the keys. In such an urgent situation, you must know the method to bypass Ford PATS without key temporarily until you find the key or get a new transponder key.

When you lose the car key, you will be very tense and be hunting for a solution to find the key or open the car without a key. In this article, we will explain how to open a Ford vehicle with the PAT system.

Bypassing other normal cars will be easy, but you may have to bypass the vehicle with the PAT system in a different way which you will learn in this article. If you wonder how to bypass Ford PATS without key, continue reading to find the solution.

What Is Ford PATS?

You must understand what Ford PATS is before you learn about bypassing it. The Passive anti-theft system technology was first present in the 1996 Ford vehicles. The Ford Motors Company has brought the PAT system now in all their cars. You can also call PATS as SecuriLock.

This will give a message when you insert the original key, but if you try to open the Ford vehicle with the wrong key, the car won’t respond. So, the PATS will work as a security measure that will prevent strangers from trying to open the vehicle.

Even if you mistakenly try to open the car with the wrong one, the PATS will detect it as a fake key, and only when you use the original key, the engine will operate. 

The Ford Motors Company brought the concept of PATS in their vehicles to prevent the vehicle from unauthorized access. But this may become a nuisance when you need to find an alternative option to open your vehicle.

Imagine that you lost your original car key and the spare key. In that case, you will try to bypass Ford PATS without a key, but the PAT system will make the process hard for you. In such instances, are there any possibilities for operating the car? Yes, you can bypass Ford PATS without a key, and you will find the step-by-step procedure for doing it in this article.

How to Bypass Ford PATS Without Key?

You might wonder how the car can produce a message only when you insert the original key? This work by matching the chip, the passive anti-theft system in your vehicle will have a special chip, and the key fob of your car key will correctly link to the chip, and therefore, the engine will start.

But when you insert a false key, that will not link with the chip, so the car engine will not start, preventing unauthorized access. This PATS present in your Ford will be useful when parking the car in a less secure area. But the PATS may backfire on an urgent situation when you lost the car key and don’t have a spare key. To overcome such a case, you must know how to bypass Ford PATS without key.

By following the steps mentioned below, you can bypass Ford PATS without key, but this will be a temporary solution, and you must get a transponder key as soon as possible. Before looking at the procedure, you must also know that this will legally be applicable only when you lost the keys or someone has stolen the keys.

Things Needed to Bypass Ford PATS Without Key

  • Tape
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • New keys that will match your original car key

Procedure to Bypass Ford PATS Without Key

  • The first step is to find a fake key and go to the company or the car dealer so that he can cut it into the shape of the original one. Cutting the key similar to the original makes the car realize that you have put the original key.
  • Next, you must remove the transponder chip from the key system. By using the flathead screwdriver, you will be able to remove the transponder chip. After getting the chip, make sure you replace the transponder correctly back in its place with the use of electrical tape.
  • Now you can use the chip and the new key to start the engine by fooling the vehicle as if you are using the original key.

Advantages of Bypass Ford PATS Without Key

The main advantage of bypassing Ford PATS without key is to operate the car in an urgent situation when the original key is stolen or lost. Also, bypassing Ford PATS without a key will cost less than getting a transponder key.

As this process will be easy, by learning you can do it on your own and will not need any professional support apart from cutting the key. Within a short period, you can bypass Ford PATS without the key.

Disadvantages of Bypass Ford PATS Without Key

Although you can bypass Ford PATS without a key, it is unsafe to do so as it will make the vehicle insecure and allow unauthorized access. By learning this procedure, a robber may try to bypass Ford PATS without a key.

And another important disadvantage is that bypassing the Ford PATS without the key is not a permanent solution, so you will sooner have to get a new transponder key to increase your vehicle’s security.

Precautions When Bypassing PATS On a Ford

You must also be cautious about the vehicle maintenance, safety, and the related component, including the key. So, ensure you have a spare key, which will help you when the original key is lost or stolen.

Although learning to bypass Ford PATS without key will help you overcome certain struggles when you don’t have the car key, make sure you don’t depend on this solution. Place your car key in a safe place and ensure you have a spare key safely and in a quickly accessible location.

This article on bypassing Ford PATS without key will provide you with the method to bypass your Ford vehicle and its benefits and risks. We hope this article was informative.

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