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ASC System Service Required – (Step-by-Step Solutions)

Mitsubishi owners might have seen a puzzling warning sign on their dashboards that says “ASC System Service Required.” The alert light for the Active Stability Control (ASC) technology suggests that there may be an issue with any or all of the ASC system’s elements.

This piece will assist you in understanding the significance of the ASC System, its functions, and the reason why it is crucial for the security of your vehicle. Discover the causes of this alert and discover a solution.

What Is the ASC System?

Its ASC, meaning Automatic Stability Control and rider aid technology prevents rear wheel spins and improves the efficiency of power transfer, greatly raising active riding safety in precarious circumstances.

The system incorporates three various ‘Main Function OF ASC System.’

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

The ASC system regulates the braking pressure to prevent a wheel from freezing up by using ABS detectors to determine whenever a wheel is going to lock up.

Traction Control

In order to restore traction, ASC technology uses wheel rotation detectors to identify which wheels are slipping and adjust the horsepower of the engine or apply brakes to those wheels.

Stability Control

In order to assess if the car is understeering or oversteering, ASC technology employs sensors to measure the velocity, yaw rate, longitudinal speed, as well as angle of steering of the motor vehicle.

How does the ASC System Work and Why is It Important for Vehicle Safety?

Whenever traction loss is recognized, the ASC analyzes inputs, including wheel acceleration and brake usage, and modifies engine power appropriately.

A Mitsubishi’s ASC makes sure the car has enough grip and balance. In slick situations such as rain or snow, ASC aids in keeping you secure.

Why is ASC important? The Active Stability Control (ASC) technology continually adjusts engine power and provides a brake force at the proper wheels to retain stability and avoid sliding if wheels begin to lose traction on slick surfaces or during turning.

For clean launches and speed in a direct path, the braking feature delivers a brake force to the wheels that are spinning.

Why did my Vehicle Display the “ASC System Service required” Warning?

Malfunctioning Wheel Speed Sensor

The ASC mechanism receives information from the wheel velocity sensor, which is in charge of keeping track of each wheel’s velocity. Incorrect information can cause any one of the four detectors to fail and turn on a signal light if one of them is defective.

Malfunctioning ABS System

Due to the fact that the ASC technology, as well as the ABS system are interdependent, an issue relating to the ABS system may result in an issue with its ASC system, which may activate the alert light.

Faulty Yaw Rate Sensor

The yaw rate sensor’s data is essential for detecting whether the car is understeering as well as oversteering. Failure of the yaw rate detector may prevent the ASC device from correctly detecting the vehicle’s motion, which might result in the absence of control and balance.

Faulty Battery

The amount of voltage, as well as system performance, may be impacted by a weak or depleted battery, which might also turn on the warning light.

Control Module Failure

When interpreting sensor signals and deciding whether to apply the brakes or utilize engine authority, the ASC system depends on its computerized control units. The system might not function properly if there is a problem with any of the control modules.

A Blown Fuse

Fuses may blow as a result of electrical issues or system stress, which may result in an electrical short.

Software Issues

Software problems may result from glitches, flaws, or faults in the system’s code. Software problems can be difficult to identify as well as may need to be found and fixed with a specialist diagnostic tool.

How To Fix ASC System Service Required Warning

How To Fix ASC System Service Required Warning?

The main action you may take in the event that ASC systems maintenance is necessary is many. The main issue that keeps the ASC light on in Mitsubishi vehicles is a broken ABS speed detector.

A blown fuse, a broken ABS pumps, and a faulty angle sensor are further potential issues. To determine if the accelerator button is pushed, many computer systems onboard use an indication received from the brake pedal.

A faulty switch can lead to non-start issues because the majority of automobiles forbid the driver from starting the engine without depressing the brake pedal. Additionally, the ASC alert message continues to be sent even if it starts.

Wheel angle sensors or the difference in the tire’s spin speed may be unbalanced by tires that aren’t out of alignment or worn differently.

How do you manage ASC? You might try the following methods to solve the issue.

  1. ASC System Fuse should be checked.
  2. Wheel Speed Sensors should be examined.
  3. The brake fluid level should be checked.
  4. Verify any damaged or unsecured connections.

Is It Safe To Drive With Bad ASC System?

In the event that the light illuminates, it is essential that you get the system inspected and fixed by a licensed technician.

If the indication of danger is ignored, the car’s balance and steering may be compromised, which may cause injuries and collisions.

When should ASC be turned off? The “ASC OFF” button ought to be turned off whenever your car has stopped due to reasons of security.

Driving when the warning light is on indicates a problem with the ABS. If you were forced to stop in an emergency, the ABS could not work.

Your car won’t be able to brake as hard, but the brakes will continue to operate. When all the ABS warning lights and braking system lights are illuminated, you must immediately stop driving since there is an emergency.

Where Can I Find Professional Assistance for Servicing the ASC System in my Vehicle?

If you receive the ASC system maintenance required notice, it is critical that you have your vehicle evaluated by a specialist to establish the source of the problem.

The required repairs may be done to get your automobile again on the road after the underlying reason has been identified.

To accurately diagnose and resolve the problem, it is always advisable to seek the advice of a qualified technician.


Can a Temporary Issue Trigger the “ASC System Service Required” Warning?

Whenever there’s a problem regarding the Active Stability Control (ASC) structure, the Mitsubishi ASC Maintenance Required alert message shows on the instrument panel in a Mitsubishi car.

The technology detects and applies braking forces to certain wheels to keep the car steady when it notices a possible loss of traction.

Are there Any Potential Consequences of Ignoring the “ASC System Service Required” Message?

Inevitably receive the “ASC Service Required” warning sign. It’s critical to get the vehicle evaluated by a qualified technician as quickly as you possibly can.

A damaged ASC system might impair the vehicle’s control and security, which can pose a safety risk.

The typical price to replace the ABS control component, or “Cost Involved In Fixing ASC System,” ranges from US$897 and US$946. For the majority of automobiles, this total cost exceeds US$900.

Additionally, secondhand modules are reasonably priced. If the problem is with the wheel sensors, these may be changed for less than $500.

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